Barnsdale Gardens – Flourishing despite the pandemic

How do you take a seasonal outdoor business through it’s best year during a lockdown pandemic?

Nick Hamilton, Managing Director of Barnsdale Gardens has been financially battling with the business since 1997 to keep it going. Hoping for the business to get easier, it was turning into an uphill battle. The pandemic was an eye-opener for Nick as the income from the business came to a halt.

Despite the struggling downhills, Nick remained positive as he had Action Coach Rupert Turton by his side. The shift in their business strategy meant they were able to turn a slow-moving mail order into an e-commerce success. Since working with ActionCOACH, they have achieved:

✔ 1000% Revenue Increase

✔ Reassurance during uncertain times

✔ Pivoting the business to the pandemic.

Learn how to increase profits and drive your business forward:

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