7 Key Points to Create a Winning Team

Join Justin Charlton-Jones  for a 45 minute FREE webinar when he will focus on 7 integral points on how to create a winning team for your business.  The areas he will cover are:

✔  Strong Leadership

✔  Common Goals

✔  Rules of the Game

✔  Planning

✔  Support Risk Taking

✔ 100% Involvement / Inclusion

✔  Ongoing Training

Using all of the above key points Justin will then help you to develop your team by going through the recruitment systems, your company’s values and culture as well as making sure you, the business owner, understanding the emotional intelligence of what makes a great leader.

We don’t always get it right so Justin will also concentrate on the most common mistakes, which we don’t even know we are making, how to rectify them swiftly and effectively as well as getting the most out of team meetings.



Tuesday 11th January

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm